Realization Process
Trauma Release and Repair

Have you tried other therapies before and they didn’t work for you, or only brought you so far with trauma release and healing? In a Trauma Release and Repair session, we will explore the emotional trauma you’re looking to work with, and how it presently shows up in your mind-body system. By feeling into points of tension and constriction, and doing gentle release techniques, we can gradually find the unconscious purpose for maintaining the constriction. Once the energetic charge of the trauma is re-experienced slowly, methodically, and safely, and when its underlying purpose is fully experienced and seen compassionately, our trauma triggers can then be released from the core. Such trauma release work does not necessarily require years of therapy. If you feel you are ready to change and heal, Realization Process has several tools that allow for noticeable and deep transformation from the first session.

Personalized Meditation Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your meditation practice? Are you able to feel a certain threshold of stillness and inner silence, but then “bump into” points of emotional resistance or discomfort along the way? Or are you simply looking to learn how to meditate in a way that facilitates rapid transformation and deep well-being? Realization Process contains a number of gentle and psychologically informed techniques for becoming fully present and embodied, without having to spiritually bypass or “cut off” any challenging aspects of our human experience. It is possible to release difficult emotions that may arise when we begin to progress in our meditation practice such that inner silence, vitality, and the sense of fundamental well-being are allowed to come to the fore of our experience more seamlessly and effortlessly. Some of the practices within Realization Process are particularly catered towards helping us live from this place of deep stillness, spaciousness, and well-being, even as we go about our normal daily activities.


Michael Lydon, LCSW
Senior Realization Process 
Realization Process Trauma Repair Therapist

I specialize in helping clients achieve rapid breakthrough transformation of psychological holding patterns, whether due to trauma or self-limiting beliefs. My goal is to facilitate transformation experiences from our very first session.

Transformation means that we experience a permanent shift in our baseline of feeling, thinking, and acting, that does not require constant effort to maintain. I use a combination of Realization Process® and depth-oriented brief experiential psychotherapy (Coherence Therapy) as two of the most powerful and effective means I have found for rapid transformation of unconscious patterns… Read More >


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