Guided Body-Focused Meditation for Transformative Well-Being & Healing

Michael Lydon, Realization Process®
Certified Senior Practitioner

Hello, I’m Michael Lydon, certified Senior Practitioner of The Realization Process: a series of guided, body-focused meditation and attunement practices created by Judith Blackstone, PhD. At the heart of this method is the unveiling of our deepest sense of Self, experienced as pristine stillness, vibrant aliveness, and fundamental well-being.

We can gradually realize and embody this experience – which in spiritual literature is often called Buddha nature, nonduality, or the ground of our being – through direct mind-body integration practices and specialized release techniques. Regardless of whether we are beginners or experienced meditators, The Realization Process offers a precise, straightforward approach for spiritual awakening, embodied wholeness, stress reduction, and practices for releasing trauma-based holding patterns. See below for ongoing free classes, upcoming events, and course offerings.

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5-Minute Body-Focused Meditation Tracks

5-Minute Intro to the Realization Process

This is a brief introduction to the Realization Process as a body-focused method for spiritual awakening and psychological healing. To learn about certification in this method, click here.

5-Minute Exercise: Quieting the Mind

Whereas some meditation exercises involve holding the mind still, this body-focused exercise helps us a find stillness that is already present within.

5-Minute Exercise: Awareness vs Presence

We can be aware of our body, or we can be present through our body. This track demonstrates a 3rd person vs. 1st person way of experiencing ourselves. 

5-Minute Exercise: Attuning to Love

In Realization Process, attunement refers to becoming receptive to a given quality or experience, or simply “tuning in”. In this exercise, we will find a “spark of love” in the internal space of our body, which we can use for self-healing purposes.  

What is Realization Process?

An Interview with Michael Lydon on the Awareness Explorers Podcast

Current Offerings 


Realization Process Elements

10-session workshop, 10 hours, $220
Starts Mon, Jan 3, 6pm-7pm Eastern

An in-depth exploration of foundational Realization Process practices, including the Advanced Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness and Core Breath exercises. As such, each class will focus on finding specific chakra points, attuning to essential qualities of being, finding the central channel, and experiencing nondual consciousness.

Free Classes & Resources

Click here to find free downloadable classes and resources.

If you are a new, intermediate, or advanced practitioner of the Realization Process, and are looking to deepen your understanding of key concepts and subtle experiences, join me on the following Wednesdays for a community meditation hour where Q&A will be answered through specific practices:
Wed, Jan 19, 5:30-6:30pm ET
Please submit the form below to request a Zoom link.

Trauma Repair Intensive

5-session workshop, Mondays & Thursdays, 1-2:30pm ET, 7.5 hours
Next class begins Monday, Feb 7
Price: $160, includes video downloads of non-confidential content

This unique workshop offers a space for healing in group by way of releasing holding patterns. In each class day, there will be some time for group meditation and attunement, as well as two half hour guided release sessions for individual group members. Each participant will receive at least two half-hour guided sessions which focus on a presenting issue of their choosing.

Personalized Guided Sessions

$150 per hour, Sliding fee scale available

Learn Realization Process techniques that are custom tailored to your own situation. In a personalized, guided session, you will learn to:

  • Deepen your spiritual awakening process
  • Release trauma-based holding patterns
  • Increase well-being and resilience

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