Have you tried other therapies before and they didn’t work for you, or only brought you so far? Have you done a lot of work on yourself, but still feel that something isn’t quite resolved? What if you could actually live in a way where you didn’t have to manage a little black rain cloud that followed you around? That you could instead learn to dispel the very conditions that gave rise to the rain cloud to begin with? Part of why we suffer involves a division in our being, whereby our thoughts, concepts, and conscious volition, are divided against our emotions, feelings, and affect. Therapy offers a safe space in which to explore the parts of ourselves that have been disowned or split off from our conscious mind, and empowers us with the tools to heal this painful divide. My approach to therapy is as follows: 1) Suffering points us to the fact that something is out of balance with our lives. 2) We don’t need to suffer. 3) There are simple ways of releasing the sufferings and traumas of the past that we might still be holding onto. 4) The deeper we go in accepting ourselves for who and what we really are, the more we can come into contact with a deep sense of profound aliveness and well-being that is our very birthright and – at the same time – our truest sense of self.


Personalized Meditation Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your meditation practice? Are you able to feel a certain threshold of stillness and inner silence, but then “bump into” points of emotional resistance or discomfort along the way? Or are you simply looking to learn how to meditate in a way that facilitates rapid transformation and deep well-being? The embodiment style of meditation that I teach is simple, gentle, and psychologically informed. Using Realization Process and other similar techniques informed by somatic psychotherapy, it is possible to release difficult emotions that may arise when we begin to experience the inner silence and fundamental well-being of our most basic sense of aliveness.


Michael Lydon, LCSW

As a senior Realization Process ® instructor, I maintain full certification in embodiment, meditation, spiritual psychotherapy, and advanced trauma repair. I have been teaching Realization Process and other mind-body wellness techniques for over 10 years in the nonprofit sector for various organizations, and privately for individuals and groups.

Realization Process is a meditation method founded by Judith Blackstone, PhD. I have found this method to be highly effective in helping individuals (myself included) experience their whole being as “good to begin with,” prior to any conditions of worth. I believe that psychological healing as well as spiritual awakening are two sides of the same coin. If you would like to start living your life as an awake, spontaneously loving, and lucid presence in the world, feel free to contact me for more information or for a free consultation.



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