I help spiritually oriented adults permanently resolve trauma and self-limiting patterns.

Michael Lydon, Realization Process®
Certified Senior Practitioner

Michael Lydon brings a gentle, nourishing strength, and a genuinely spiritual, compassionate nature to his work as a Realization Process teacher and trauma repair practitioner.  He is someone you can trust with your deepest wounds.  I highly recommend him.

– Judith Blackstone, PhD
Founder of the Realization Process

Hello, I’m Michael Lydon, certified Senior Practitioner of The Realization Process: a series of guided, body-focused meditation and attunement practices created by Judith Blackstone, PhD. At the heart of this method is the unveiling of our deepest sense of Self, experienced as pristine stillness, vibrant aliveness, and fundamental well-being.

I specialize in immersion classes that are a combination of somatic and subtle energy-focused meditation, along with 1:1 sessions that guide clients into permanent resolutions of trauma-based patterns. When a trauma or self-limiting pattern is permanently transformed, it is believed to take root in a type of neuroplasticity called memory reconsolidation. I am certified in several methods (Realization Process, Coherence Therapy, and Emotional Resolution) that are transformation-focused in this way. 

I would love to learn more about you and if we would be a good fit to work together. Please feel free to schedule a consultation below – the link will go directly to my booking page.

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5-Minute Body-Focused Meditation Tracks

5-Minute Intro to the Realization Process

This is a brief introduction to the Realization Process as a body-focused method for spiritual awakening and psychological healing. To learn about certification in this method, click here.

5-Minute Exercise: Quieting the Mind

Whereas some meditation exercises involve holding the mind still, this body-focused exercise helps us a find stillness that is already present within.

5-Minute Exercise: Awareness vs Presence

We can be aware of our body, or we can be present through our body. This track demonstrates a 3rd person vs. 1st person way of experiencing ourselves. 

5-Minute Exercise: Attuning to Love

In Realization Process, attunement refers to becoming receptive to a given quality or experience, or simply “tuning in”. In this exercise, we will find a “spark of love” in the internal space of our body, which we can use for self-healing purposes.  

What is Realization Process?

An Interview with Michael Lydon on the Awareness Explorers Podcast

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