Michael Lydon

Advanced Level Realization Process Meditation Teacher


I specialize in helping clients use body-focused meditation to find the part of themselves that is already well and at ease. Feeling into this subtle ground of being can help us deepen our sense of expansive consciousness and aliveness, in addition to achieving resolution of emotional holding patterns and energy blocks, whether due to trauma or self-limiting beliefs. My goal is to facilitate noticeable shifts in well-being from our very first session.

Michael Lydon

Michael Lydon
Realization Process
Advanced Level Teacher

Certifications and Specializations

Realization Process: Advanced Teacher. Realization Process is a body-focused form of meditation for spiritual awakening and psychological healing. As an Advanced Level Realization Process teacher, I maintain full certification in all primary trainings, including: Meditation, Embodiment, and Healing Ground, with supplemental training in Advanced Trauma RepairI have been teaching Realization Process and other mind-body wellness practices for over 12 years, including work in the non-profit sector, and privately for individuals and groups.

Coherence Therapy: Certified Practitioner: Coherence therapy is an experiential, non-analytic and non-counteractive approach to psychological healing. This method was co-founded by psychotherapists Bruce Ecker and Laurel Hulley, who posed an essential question about the therapy process itself: What has to happen in each therapy session for there to be a breakthrough? Over 30 years of research into this question yielded the methodology laid out within Coherence Therapy. At the center of this approach is finding how the mind itself is actively authoring – or at least authorizing – various ongoing symptoms of suffering on an unconscious level. When the unconscious purposes behind our personal suffering become fully conscious, we can make an actual decision to be different, and many times this happens spontaneously.

Both of these healing methods use the body’s inbuilt mechanisms for unwinding traumatic holding patterns and healing items of personal suffering at the root. Realization Process uses specific knowledge of the fascia system, mind-body-energy system, and nondual consciousness. Coherence Therapy utilizes techniques specifically designed for therapeutic discovery and breakthrough experiences, which access the brain’s natural processes – including memory reconsolidation – for fully resolving the mind’s unconscious schemas that underlie deeply embedded trauma triggers.

Additional Meditation Training and Experience

Much of my other meditation training comes from the Finders Course, a 15-week immersive meditation training for stabilizing in fundamental well-being (nonduality, fundamental consciousness, etc.). This course was designed by – and utilized original research from – Dr. Jeffery Martin, one of the foremost subject matter experts on the psychology of spiritual awakening. The Finders Course consists of a carefully designed practicum of evidence-based positive psychology techniques, with 25+ evidence-informed meditation practices from various contemplative and spiritual traditions.

Transformative practice methods I have experience with (in addition to Realization Process) include:

  • Wim Hof Method
  • Vipassana
  • Direct Inquiry (Ramana Maharshi)
  • Mantra meditation
  • Headless Way (Douglas Harding)
  • Intent-based healing
  • Lucid dreaming

Social Work Experience

In addition to offering online meditation coaching and education services (through this website), I work as a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) within an organization called The Perfectly Okay Community, run by Dr. Patti Levin, LICSW, Psy.D, for psychological mentoring and in-person psychotherapy in the Greater Boston Area.

The bulk of my prior social work experience includes working as a counselor and Training Specialist at Vibrant Emotional Health (formerly: The Mental Health Association of New York City). Vibrant’s contact center and crisis hotline services division collectively house the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the NFL Life Line, NYC Well (New York City’s official crisis hotline), and the New York State Problem Gambling & Chemical Dependency HOPEline – providing confidential emotional support to over 2 million individuals each year.

As Training Specialist, I helped oversee the onboarding process of more than 100 counselors in Vibrant’s contact center services division. As a counselor I helped support over 5000 individual clients find affordable and appropriate care for substance use and mental health concerns. In addition to co-facilitating live trainings, creating educational materials on compassionate approaches to substance use care, and wellness resources for all incoming contact center staff, my work at Vibrant involved coaching, mentoring and evaluating new hires in critical engagement and counseling skills for at-risk individuals, including:

  • Suicide/homicide assessment and de-escalation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Rogerian counseling
  • Solution-focused support (Motivational Interviewing, CBT, DBT and mindfulness)
  • Safety planning
  • Psychoeducation for mental health and substance use issues
  • Connection to appropriate level of substance use and/or mental health care

Professional Excellence and Continuing Education

I see myself as a lifelong learner, with ongoing mentorship from top experts in both methods that I am certified in, including direct supervision from Judith Blackstone, founder of Realization Process, and with Bruce Ecker, co-founder of Coherence Therapy. I also engage in regular peer consultation with senior practitioners from other trauma healing modalities, including Somatic Experiencing. This is in addition to ongoing Massachusetts state-mandated clinical social work supervision and continuing education.