10-Session Trauma & the Unbound BODY 

A 10-day Experiential Book Club for Judith Blackstone’s newest book, Trauma and The Unbound  Body: the Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness

Begins Monday, Oct 4, 2021. 10 Classes, Mondays & Thursdays, 6:00-7:30pm EDT
Email michael@realizationconsulting.com for Zoom Link.

Trauma Unbound Body

In each class we will review one chapter of the Trauma and the Unbound Body: The Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness and practice meditation and self-healing exercises that foster a practical understanding of chapter content.

“I have done years of traditional therapy and body-based therapies, and working with the Realization Process in this way provided more healing than those therapies combined. I just started learning about the Realization Process when I enrolled in this book club, and the course exceeded all of my expectations. I was grateful that Michael offered many opportunities for questions, and welcomed discussions to clarify concepts; additionally the other students and their sharing enriched my experience.  Personally, I found deep healing through the guided meditations practiced in class.  The experiences from the meditations gave me another way of moving through life – being more centered and having a stable sense of myself.  I learned about the emotions that were held in my body and led to tension. The guided meditations allowed me to release these tensions that have been there since childhood, and this experience was deeply transformative.”
– Cassandra W, New York  


Course content includes:

  • 10 x Classes, 1.5 hrs/class.  Each class: ~30 minutes: theory, ~60 minutes: guided practices that demonstrate concepts explored in various chapters, along with final Q&A
  • 10 x Class Notes (1 Power Point slide deck per class, in PDF format)
  • Q&A and support by email and within class
  • Recordings of non-confidential class content, which are made available to all students

Pre-requisites: Purchasing Trauma and the Unbound Body is a prerequisite for taking this course. Click the image above to purchase through Amazon.


  1. Day 1. How We Organize Ourselves
    1. Trauma and the fascia system
    2. Why we constrict
      1. Protection
      2. Mirroring
      3. Nurture
      4. Compliance
      5. Compensation
    3. Exercises:
      1. “Awareness of the body” vs “Awareness as the body”
      2. Attunement to fundamental consciousness
  2. Day 2. Fundamental Consciousness
    1. Our ground of awareness
    2. Our ground of emotion
    3. Our ground of physical sensation
    4. Exercise: Attuning to fundamental consciousness as awareness, emotion, and physical sensation
  3. Day 3. Inhabiting the Body
    1. Inhabiting the body and attuning to fundamental consciousness
    2. The gifts of inhabiting the body
      1. Becoming present and receptive
      2. Regaining agency
      3. Restoring resilience
      4. Developing self-love
      5. Grounding in our foundation
    3. Exercises: Foundational grounding
  4. Day 4: The Qualities in the Body
    1. Intelligence
    2. Voice
    3. Love
    4. Power
    5. Gender
    6. Sexuality
    7. Exercises:
      1. Attuning to the qualities of fundamental consciousness
      2. Attuning to the qualities within the body
  5. Day 5: Healing Trauma from the Core of the Body
    1. Our entranceway into wholeness and oneness
    2. Increasing Perspective
    3. Refining and Integrating our Breath and Energy
    4. Exercises:
      1. Core Breath with Subtle Circuitry
      2. Opening to the Upward Current of Energy
  6. Day 6: Freeing the Senses from Trauma
    1. Increasing our sensory experience
    2. Expanding our perception
    3. Exercises:
      1. Perception as fundamental consciousness
      2. Vision
      3. Hearing
      4. Touch
      5. Perception of another person
  7. Day 7: Relationships: Oneness and Separateness
    1. Fundamental consciousness and contact
    2. The link between contact and trauma
    3. Balancing Inward and Outward Connection
    4. Healing Our capacity for contact from our core
    5. Healing Intimate relationships
    6. Healing Relationships with groups
    7. Exercises: Attuning to core points and qualities in group
  8. Day 8: The Realization Process Release Technique
    1. How the Release technique works
    2. Understanding our psychological history
    3. An illustration of the release technique
    4. The importance of patience and kindness
    5. Exercise: The Realization Process release technique
  9. Day 9: Healing Anxiety and Depression
    1. Releasing the pattern of anxiety
    2. Releasing the pattern of depression
    3. Exercises:
      1. Advanced attunement to Fundamental Consciousness
      2. Three attunements to fundamental consciousness: emptiness, luminosity, and bliss
  10. Day 10: Trauma and Spiritual teachings
    1. Abusive teachers
    2. The question of personal identity
    3. Free will
    4. Thinking and feeling
    5. Therapeutic presence
    6. Exercise: Releasing from the core into fundamental consciousness