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FREE Workshop: Body-Focused Meditation for Transformative Well-Being & Healing
with Michael Lydon, Certified Realization Process Senior Practitioner

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This class is a one-hour introductory workshop to the Realization Process, a series of meditation and mind-body integration practices for dispelling low moods, releasing anxiety, finding stillness within, and supporting our process of trauma repair (click here for a 5-minute summary of The Realization Process). In this free intro class, you will learn guided body-focused practices for:

1) Reducing everyday stress, anxiety, and repetitive thought loops (quieting our “monkey mind”)
2) Finding the foundation of ourselves that is already well and at ease (our Self with a capital S, stillness, silence, presence, etc. – this experience is uncovered and palpably felt; it is not imagined, visualized, etc.)
3) Increasing vitality and learning practices for being more present in our relationships and daily life

4) Trauma repair, releasing negative conditioning, and seeing through limiting beliefs 

This class will also cover some of the content from the upcoming Trauma and the Unbound Body Experiential Book Club, a 10-day class that will focus on key principles in using meditation practices to release trauma from the body.

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