Fundamental Consciousness

 A 10-week Intensive for Realizing, Stabilizing, and Deepening

Starts Monday, Oct 19 | Mondays & Thursdays, 4-5:15pm ET | 
10-student limit | Registration is open

This class will focus on helping you achieve your personal awakening goals, using a combination of the Realization Process Sounds True Audio Program, live online meditation sessions, Q&A, 2 x 30-minute coaching sessions per student, and a customized journal to track your progress. The goal of this class is to offer a comprehensive set of tools, as well as pointers to help with obstacles, for embodied, psychologically-informed spiritual awakening (i.e. stabilization in fundamental consciousness). Our agenda is as follows:


  • Week 1: Foundations: Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness
    • Emptiness and presence
    • Awareness, Emotion, Sensation
    • Essential qualities of being


  • Week 2: Foundations: Releasing Constrictions from the Causal Mind
    • The structure of holding patterns, Part 1: How unconscious schemas and imprints are held in the body
    • The Realization Process release technique
    • The felt sense of unconscious protective volition


  • Week 3: Foundations: Radical Inquiry and Self-knowledge
    • The Structure of holding patterns, Part 2: How unconscious schemas and imprints are organized in the mind
    • The uncovering unconscious intentions, purposes, and mental directives
    • How can it be that fundamental consciousness is what we want, but not what we will?


  • Week 4: The Dynamics of Inner Transformation
    • The juxtaposition experience as central to transformation
    • What does it mean when we encounter resistance?
    • How to work compassionately with discomfort and resistance to transformation.

 Week 5: Core Breath and Subtle Circuitry

    • The subtle aspect of the breath
    • Subtle breath and infusion of presence from fundamental consciousness
    • Releasing constrictions from the breath


  • Week 6: Methods for Deeper Absorption into Fundamental Consciousness
    • Pleasure and bliss as gateways
    • The light of consciousness
    • The palpable sound of silence


  • Week 7: Relational Attunement
    • Disentangled empathic connection in relationships
    • Core to core attunement
    • Staying present when triggered


  • Week 8: Stillness in Movement
    • Standing and moving techniques
    • Spontaneous movement
    • Alignment and balance


  • Week 9:  Chakras and Energy Clearing Techniques
    • Allowing fundamental consciousness to “digest” stuck energies
    • Opening our chakras and energy channels to pulsation, flow, and vibration
    • Fundamental consciousness and space clearing techniques


  • Week 10: Deep Release, Stabilization, and Deepening
    • Fundamental consciousness as a perspective
    • Allowing the space of fundamental consciousness to do the seeing, hearing, and sensing
    • Luminous emptiness and self-transformation

    In this class, you will practice and learn how to facilitate for yourself:

    1. Use psychologically informed techniques to stabilize and deepen in fundamental consciousness.
    2. Release a thread of suffering in your mind-body system, using gentle, an experiential approach
    3. Employ experiential attunement and release techniques
    4. Learning inquiry techniques that help us find the positive value(s) of an item of personal suffering. This can be helpful for both self-compassion and releasing constrictions.
    5. Becoming more conscious of our emotional triggers and how to work with them compassionately
    6. Using fundamental consciousness as a healing factor and resource for stressors and trigger points


    1. You have purchased the Realization Process Sounds True audio program.
    2. You are looking to learn and practice exercises that contribute to your emotional and spiritual well-being, and understand that these exercises are not designed to treat or heal medical conditions that are known to derive from organic causes, for example: bipolar depression, depression or anxiety due to thyroid issues, or psychological maladies due to traumatic brain injury.
    3. You have done at least some exploratory work of your own emotions and well-being in the past – whether experiential therapy, dynamic therapy, cognitive therapy, transformational or holistic forms of coaching, or other mind-body healing methods such as Realization Process, Sedona Method/Release Technique, Bioenergetics/Core energetics, EFT, Somatic Experiencing, etc.
    4. You have read and agree to the conditions of our Terms of Use page.
    5. You agree to help co-facilitate this work with other participants by fostering an environment of acceptance and support, and agree to keep all discussions in class expressly confidential.