5-session workshop, 7.5 hours, $150
5-student limit | Starts Mon, July 24
Class A: 1-2:30pm pm Eastern
Class B: 6:30-8pm pm Eastern


I hope this letter finds you well. Free classes are highlighted in yellow. Upcoming class schedule is below.

If you were interested in learning how to release the core contraction in the mind-body system that gives rise to the separate sense of self, and heal from trauma-based holding patterns at the same time, the Trauma Repair Intensive aims to answer this very need. It begins Monday, 7/13. There are two instances of this class – one in the afternoon (Class A – 1pm ET), and one in the evening (Class B – 6:30pm ET).

I’ve partnered with Mosaic Wellness in hosting a free mental health and spiritual well-being office hour. This functions as an “Ask Me Anything” class, and happens on the second monday of the month. Email me at michael@realizationconsulting.com for Zoom link.

For the time being, I have merged the Wednesday night drop-in class (that was until now exclusively Ipswich and Massachusetts North Shore residents), with the Realization Process Elements class. Realization Process Elements is a class that focuses on directly experiencing chakra points along the central channel of the body, and attuning to essential qualities of our authentic self (love, power, understanding, etc.). We will focus on one chakra point per class for the first five classes, and then focus on finding the central channel (source of kundalini energy, and deeper energetic healings) and attuning directly to the ground of being and its qualities.

Hoping that you and your families remain safe and healthy,
Michael Lydon
www.realizationconsulting.com | michael@realizationconsulting.com

Upcoming Offerings

Monday, July 13. Trauma Repair Intensive: Practicing the Realization Process Release Technique
Mondays & Thursdays, 5 classes, 7.5 hours total, $150. Sign up
Class A: 1-2:30pm EDT – 3 spots remaining
Class B: 6:30-8pm EDT – 3 spots remaining
The goal of this experiential 5-day online workshop is to provide a supportive group environment for Realization Process Healing Ground practices. The techniques in this class help us deepen into our experience of fundamental consciousness by releasing somatic constrictions and holding patterns, using gentle attunement meditations, as well as the Realization Process release technique. Each student will receive 2 x 30-minute individualized facilitations for release work. To keep the course intimate and focused, there is a 5-student limit. Generic (non-confidential) course content will be recorded and made available to all participants. Additional support will be available by email outside of class.

Monday, July 13. FREE Mental Health and Spiritual Wellness Office Hour, in Partnership with Mosaic Wellness
8-8:45pm EDT. Sign up here for Zoom link or email michael@realizationconsulting.com
This partnership with Mosaic Wellness is an open space to share your experiences or to ask questions about mental health and spiritual wellness. Office hours are available to students who have general questions about their experiences, or who want to discuss general health and spiritual wellness topics. Related subjects: spiritual bypassing, energetic influence, trauma and healing, transformational change, spiritual awakening, mind-body-energy system.

Wednesday, July 15. Realization Process Elements
Every Wednesday for 10 weeks. 6:30-7:30pm EDT.
10 classes, 10 hours total. Sign up: $200 prepay, or $22/week.
3 spots remaining
In each 1-hour class we will cover ~10 minutes of theory, and ~50 minutes of guided Realization Process practices that demonstrate elemental Realization Process concepts, focusing on one key concept per class. Each student will get individualized attention and guidance while in group. For personalized guidance to be sufficient and focused, there is a 5-student limit. Support will be available by email outside of class. Recordings of class content will be made available.

Friday, July 17. Experiencing the Self as Love, Light, and Bliss
Tuesdays & Fridays. 3 Classes, 3 hours total, $60. Sign up
Class A: 1-2pm EDT
Class B: 6:30-7:30pm EDT
The experience of the Self (ground of being, divine ground, Buddha nature, etc.) is not just one quality – there are many qualities that can act as contact points or ways of experiencing our inner nature. Beyond experiencing love, we can actually experience ourselves as love. We can also attune to ourselves as bliss, which includes subtle forms of pleasure that both arise from – and are part of – fundamental consciousness. Another simple but powerful attunement is to see-feel ourselves as light through the internal space of our body. The attunement to light is helpful for those who have trouble inhabiting their body, or otherwise finding meditation techniques that are effective for deep rest and inner spiritual contact. Classes will be recorded and will be available to all participants. Additional support will be available by email outside of class.

Tuesday, July 27. Transformational Change: Releasing Conditioning from the Depths of the Self
Tuesdays & Fridays. 3 Classes, 3 hours total, $60 ($50 if you took Love, Light, & Bliss earlier this month). Sign up
Class A: 1-2pm EDT
Class B: 6:30-7:30pm EDT
In this class you will learn practical methods for how to trigger lasting changes at a more fundamental level of being, vs. at a level where you feel you need to “transcend” or “override” latent suffering through conscious effort. This class will help you release the underlying thoughts, intentions, and directives that generate holding patterns of suffering, from the core. Classes will be recorded and will be available to all participants. Additional support will be available by email outside of class.