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“As a retired psychologist, having specialized in trauma for over 40 years, and now running a meditation community of over 750 people from all over the world, I am delighted to have Michael as my go-to Realization Process referral. He is extraordinarily accomplished in breadth and depth, not only in trauma-informed meditation coaching, but also in a wide range of psycho-spiritual issues. …I highly recommend him without any reservations whatsoever.” – Patti Levin, LICSW, PsyD

If you’re looking to get personalized support for deepening your meditation practice, becoming more resilient to everyday stress, and healing trauma-based holding patterns, a guided session may be the best place to start. 

Click here for 48 minutes of a real session with my client, “Jane.” This will give you a general sense of what working with me is like.

Common Q&A 

1. What can I expect during a given session? 

Personalized sessions offer a safe and empowering space for helping you achieve a variety of transformative healing and wellness goals, starting from our very first session working together. I have found Realization Process, Emotional Resolution, and practices from Coherence Therapy (the practice methods I incorporate into sessions) to be gentle yet powerful tools for helping with any of the following:

Psychological healing and trauma repair support: 

  • Experience the part of yourself that was never wounded and that cannot be wounded 
  • Resolve holding patterns related to trauma or limiting beliefs using gentle attunement and release practices
  • Heal emotional wounds, reduce anxiety and dispel depressive moods through mind-body integration and subtle energy clearing

Personal growth:

  • Learn how to be more present, focused, and resilient in the face of everyday life stressors
  • Learn how to maintain meditative calm even in difficult social situations
  • Reduce social anxiety by uncovering balanced self-confidence and inner power

Spiritual awakening support:

  • Learn to quiet your mind immediately with powerful body-focused techniques 
  • Experience the subtle core of your own being as innate clarity, love, and inner power
  • Navigate dark nights of the soul and other forms of spiritual emergency with greater skillfulness and discernment

Somatic release and energy healing support:

  • Resolve subtle energy blocks, which can include more exotic conditions such as kundalini syndrome, kriyas, and similar symptoms by finding a dimension of yourself that is deeper than energy
  • Learn attunement practices for clearing chakras and other energy centers along the subtle vertical core of the body (Hinduism: sushumna, Tibetan Buddhism: the central channel)  
  • Release chronic somatic tensions through precise release techniques

“I never in a million years imagined that your kind of help – wise to humanness, wise to universal love, wise to the process of deep transformation – could exist. And I never in a million years imagined that what I am discovering – that I have a place of spiritual refuge in my body, that I am made of the love that is the universe – could in fact be true! All of this exceeds every conscious expectation I have ever had. At the same time, the joy I have always carried in me knows all of this to be true; that joy already lives in my core, and it is waving me home.”  – Sherry M, PhD

2. What are your fees? 

Sessions are $180 per hour, though discounts are available if you sign up for a session package. On average, clients commonly see noticable shifts within packages of 6 or 12 sessions. See newsletter here for more details.   

3. How will I know if Realization Process can help me with my personal goals?

A risk-free way of knowing if Realization Process is a good fit for you is to simply put a free 30 minute consultation into my calendar. We can discuss your goals and you can try out some body-focused meditation techniques to see if they are helpful.

“Upon my first consultation with Michael, I realized that I was dealing with a different kind of practitioner. I’ve worked professionally with numerous mental health providers during my career in social services, and I’ve approached mental health proactively throughout my life. I’ve met dozens of therapists and alternative healers over the years and I’ve never experienced a more graceful, relaxed, or thorough integration and resolution after sessions. I’m so impressed!” – Anna W, MA, Women & Gender Studies, Meditation Teacher

4. What is the standard session duration?

Although the average session duration tends to be an hour, session length is flexible and can be scaled to your needs and/or goals. Session durations may be scheduled at 1 hour, 1.5 hours, and/or 2 hours (note: 2 hours is considered the maximum duration for a private session). 

5. How do I schedule and pay for a session?

You can schedule a session into my calendar, here, which has PayPal and Venmo information. Payment for sessions is due via prepayement, or maximum, within 24 hours of the session.

6. Should I do anything to prepare?

It is recommended that you consider what goals you have in terms of deepening your sense of emotional and spiritual well-being, i.e: What improvements in your emotional and spiritual well-being would make working together a success for you? Or, what specific problems would you want to resolve.

“I felt like grew 10 years in 10 minutes. Our session and its outcome was nothing short of a miracle… My wife said I looked taller when she saw me right after you and I had talked. Thank you! This has been invaluable!”
– Armin R, MBA

7. How do I join a session?

As soon as you book a session or consultation, you will receive a Zoom video conference link via an calendar reminder, sent to you via email. Zoom is free software, and when you click the link (at your scheduled appointment time), you will join the conference. Please make sure your mic and video are turned on and working prior to entering the Zoom room.

8. What is your cancellation policy?

For sessions. If you cancel a session with less than 48 hours notice, the fee remains due, with the exception of emergencies (i.e. illness, transportation issues, or other unavoidable situations that emerge). If you need to make a non-emergency cancellation, though are able to reschedule later in the same week, this rule will not apply.

For free consultations. For free consultations that are missed for non-emergency reasons, any re-scheduled consultations will be billed at half the hourly rate.  

For making or changing appointments, or any other questions about products or services, you may email michael@realizationconsulting.com. If you need to change an appointment urgently, please call or text 617-433-7342.

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