Understanding Your Goals

The purpose of a free consultation is to understand your goals for emotional healing and spiritual transformation. If you resonate with the approach outlined below, feel free fill out the form at the bottom of the page for a free consultation. 

My practice philosophy is as follows:

There is a part of us that is already well. This part was never wounded and cannot be wounded. I realize that for some, it may seem almost unbelievable to hear something like this. With that said…

This domain of fundamental well-being is something we can experience directly because it is in fact the basis of our authentic self. It is an experience we can have – clearly and unambiguously – with some meditation practice. Although we may have heard lovely things spoken about this domain of deep peace and imperturbability – whether by names such as Buddha nature, union with God, oneness, nonduality, etc., the important thing is that we experience it for ourselves. 

The deepest level of healing as I understand it involves finding – and attuning to – this underlying ground of fundamental well-being. As we begin to align into – and live from – this place of lucid awareness, emotional warmth, and our own inner power, there is gradual relief of self-fragmentation, mental anguish, and emotional suffering.

This ground of fundamental well-being is a resource in trauma release work. We can perceive this inner healing domain directly, or by doing focused release work of traumas that are held in somatic memory.

We can’t experience the fullness of life without also being present within the instrument of our aliveness, which is our body. When we release these painful emotional wounds from the core, we can actually inhabit our bodies with more ease. This leads to naturally being focused more in the present moment, with greater emotional responsiveness and vividness of sense perception.

Fundamental well-being, or what Realization Process calls Fundamental Consciousness, is a blend of clear awareness, vibrant emotional responsiveness, and enlivened sensation. To experience these three continuous qualities also means being present within the instrument of these qualities, which is our body.

The body registers the silent pains of the unconscious mind. By “registers,” I mean that we feel the effects of deeply (and often unconsciously) held beliefs, and the memory of the initial pain that generated them, as sensations of constriction, withdrawal, or a numbing from our overall vitality and expressiveness. If we went through a difficult experience that was not fully processed in the moment that it occurred, the emotional charge and consequent beliefs resulting from this painful encounter will be registered in the body, until brought to awareness and healed. 

Healing at the core – which I use interchangeably with “transformation” – entails becoming fully conscious of an unconscious holding pattern. This includes becoming aware of the emotional wound and self-protective beliefs (or schema) which are held out of conscious awareness, and being able to let go of self-protective somatic constrictions and/or behaviors that perhaps served us at one point, though now may no longer be necessary.

Note: the blend of Realization Process and other experiential therapeutic techniques I use can generally help with resolving limiting beliefs, elevating mood, and healing from psychological trauma. With that said if you are experiencing anxiety or depression due to a thyroid condition, or if you have mood conditions which have known biochemical causes, it is suggested that you speak with a psychiatrist for proper care.

*For free consultations that are missed for non-emergency reasons, any re-scheduled consultations will be billed at half the hourly rate.