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Our goal is to help texters move from hot moments to a cool calm. Sometimes, that means we give our texters a resource – like a breathing GIF to help them find calm or a link to help learn more about their symptoms.

It’s super important to us to refer our texters to amazing referrals. So, we’ve put a lot of time and energy and love into thinking about how to do this.


Being on our referral list is not an endorsement. Crisis Text Line is not responsible for the content of or service provided by any of these referrals.

CRITERIA FOR referrals

We value quality — so, we defined it. (Hard to appreciate what you can’t measure, right?) We assembled a committee of Crisis Counselors who defined specific criteria for referrals and then verified their compliance.

Crisis Text Line does not give referrals to…

  1. Entities or services that discriminate based on age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

  2. Independent private practitioners, including but not limited to: therapists, counselors, doctors, lawyers.

  3. Privately run and/or owned blogs or businesses.

  4. Entities or services that contain advertisements, are not free, or contain hidden services or subscription fees.



Name Description
1in6 For: Men & Boys | Website | Informative | Support for men & boys who have been sexually abused.
Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Network For: Adults | Women | Website | Advocacy | Empowers deaf and blind survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and harassment.
After Silence For: All Ages | Forum | Support | Not Mobile Friendly | Designed to help victims become survivors and promote recovery after sexual violence.
Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness For: Adults | Website | Informative | Provides information and resources about relationship abuse, barriers for leaving and safety planning tips.
Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline For: All Ages | Website | Informative and Support | Provides parents and teachers with resources, training and support to prevent child abuse.
DOVE: Deaf Overcoming Violence through Empowerment For: All Ages| Website | Support | Provides support for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in the Deaf community.
National Children’s Advocacy Center For: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Provides information and training for parents, kids, and professionals in order to prevent child abuse.
National Domestic Violence Hotline For: Adults & Teens | Website | Immediate Support | Offers 24/7 help for domestic assault victims over the phone, and has information on how to recognize and prevent domestic abuse.
National Human Trafficking Hotline For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Anti-trafficking hotline and resource center serving victims and survivors of human trafficking.
The National Sexual Violence Resource Center For: Adults | Website | Informative | Advocates for leadership and prevention of sexual violence through their website’s resources and media centers.
RAINN For: All Ages | Website | Support and Informative | Information, resources and confidential hotline for sexual assault, abuse survivors and prevention.
Stop it Now For: Adults | Website | Immediate Support | Provides immediate help for adults to intervene to stop child sexual abuse, and information to prevent child sexual abuse from occurring.
Survivors of Incest Anonymous For: Adults 18+ | Website | Support | Provides support through a twelve-step, self-help recovery program for adult survivors of incest and childhood sexual abuse.
Workplaces Respond For: Adults & Teens | Website | Support | Provides legal information, safety planning, and direct contacts to immediate help for survivors of abuse or harassment in the workplace.
99 Coping Skills For: All-Ages | PDF | Support | Provides an interactive list and print-out of 99 coping skills and strategies.
Alzheimer’s Association For: Adults | Website | Support | Support for those affected by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia as well as their family members and caregivers. A 24/7 helpline is available.
Balancing Work and School For: College students | Website | Informative | Educates college students on balancing work and school life by prioritizing and using self care.
Dartmouth Relaxation Downloads For: All Ages | Website | Coping Skill | Provides audio files for guided relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and imagery exercises.
Grounding: Create Personal Calm For: Adults & Teens | PDF | Worksheet | Educates and puts into practice the use of grounding techniques during a heated moment.
Homelessness Shelter Directory For: All Ages | Directory | Informative l National directory of homeless shelters, dental/medical clinics, rent assistance, relief organizations, women’s shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, etc.
Insight Timer For: All Ages | App | Coping Skill | Free guided meditations and ambient sounds with ability to connect with like-minded meditators.
Just for Teens: A Personal Plan for Managing Stress For: Teens | Informative & Interactive | PDF | Educates young people about stress, triggers, and stress management. At the end, a worksheet is provided to create a personal stress and self care management plan.
KidsHealth For: Kids, Teens, & Parents | Website | Informative | Informs teens, kids, and parents about physical and mental health, wellness, relationships, puberty, studying, sports, nutrition, self esteem, and more.
Mass Shooting and Violence Resources For: Adults | Website | Informative | Offers information and specific strategies to support children who have faced trauma, with links to trauma recovery resources.
Military One Source For: Adults | Website | Service | Offers military families a wide range of support for many aspects of military life.
Penzu For: All Ages | Website | Service| Provides a free, private online journal. Also available as an app.
Pixel Thoughts For: All Ages | Interactive | Coping Skill | 60-second meditation tool to ease worries and release bothersome thoughts.
Smiling Mind For: All Ages | APP | Support | Provides age specific mindfulness programs designed to assist people in dealing with the pressure, stress, and challenges of daily life.
ULifeline For: College Students | Website | Support | Provides information about mental health, college specific local resources, and advice for how to help a friend in need of support.
PTSD Coach For: Adults & Teens | App | Advocacy & Support | A free app and website available to people with PTSD find and practice coping skills.
Quiet Kit For: All Ages | Website | Coping Skill | Provides easy guided meditations and breathing exercises for beginners.
School/Life Balance Tips For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides students with tips on balancing and prioritizing the demands of school, work, family and friends.
Self-help Anxiety Management For: Adults and Teens +12 years | app | support | Facilitates self-help for anxiety with resources to build one’s own Anxiety Toolkit through an app for iOS and Android.
Stop, Breathe, Think For: All Ages | App | Coping Skill | Provides short activities to guide people through meditation for mindfulness and compassion.
What’s Up? For: All Ages | App | Support | Provides an app to help cope with depression, anxiety, and stress. Also includes grounding and breathing techniques and tracking negative thoughts and habits. Offers a forum to connect with others.
Anti-Buillying Guide for Deaf Children For: Adults | PDF | Informative | Provides guidance on how to prevent and handle bullying incidents for deaf children *Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing approved!*
Cyber Civil Rights Initiative For: All Ages l Website l Support and Advocacy | Support victims of non-consensual pornography, revenge porn and other forms of online abuse.
PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center For: Kids & Teens | Website | Informative & Support | Connects students to resources, education and information for bullying prevention, awareness and support.
Stomp Out Bullying For: Teens | Website | Informative & Advocacy | Provides information and advice for advocates and victims of bullying, cyberbullying, sexting and other forms of abuse.
Stop Bullying For: Kids & Teens | Website | Informative and Advocacy | Federal website with resources on bullying, cyberbullyingprevention, responses to bullying.
Without My Consent For: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Shares resources and tips for victims experiencing onlince privacy violations and harassment.
Antidepressant Skills Workbook For: Teens | PDF | Informative | Interactive workbook that offers a step-by-step self-care guide with antidepressant skills for teens managing depression or concerned family members, friends, or partners.
Anxiety & Depression Association of America For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Promotes prevention, treatment and support for anxiety, depression and related disorders.
Half of Us For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Information on mental illness and connects students with resources to decrease stigma and encourage healthy dialogue.
Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance For: Adults & Teens | Website | Support | Provides support and education to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders.
Help Guide For: Adults | Website | Informative | Resources addressing symptoms and treatment of psychological, emotional and social health.
Mental Health America (MHA) For: Adults | Website | Advocacy | Community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and to promoting the overall mental health of all Americans.
MoodTools For: Adults & Teens | App | Support | Tracking and instructions on a variety of skills, coping strategies, and safety planning.
National Alliance of Mental Illness For: Adults & Teens | Website | Advocacy | Provides information and advocacy for those affected by mental illness.
Postpartum Support International For: Adults | Website | Informative | Provides information and support for postpartum parents (male and female), including loss of a child and other related struggles. Weekly online chat.
What’s Up App For: Adults & Teens | App | Support | Offers self-help CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) methods to help cope with Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Stress and more.
Eating/Body Image  
Eating Disorder Anonymous For: Adults & Teens | Forum | Support | Online and live communities who support each other in their struggle to recover from eating disorders.
MyPlate For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides nutrition education and online tools to create healthier lifestyle choices.
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Supports and educates individuals struggling with eating disorders and their families.
National Eating Disorder Association For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Advocates for individuals and families affected by eating disorders.
Proud2Bme For: Teens | Forum | Support and Advocacy | Online community promoting positive body image and encouraging healthy attitudes about food and weight.  
Recovery Record For: Adults & Teens | App | Interactive | Supports recovery and tracks progress for people with eating disorders.
Gender/Sexual Identity  
GLBT Near Me For: All Ages | Directory/Search | Support | Provides an online database for finding GLTBT-friendly resources and support in your area.
It Gets Better For: Teens & Kids | Website | Coping Skill | Communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth around the world that it gets better.
It’s Pronounced Metrosexual For: Adults & Teens | Website | Advocacy | Provides individuals, groups, schools, and advocates with resources about gender and sexuality.
It’s Your Life For: Teens | PDF | Advocacy | Provides information to LGBTQ+ teens in the child welfare system. Explains legal rights, what to expect from protective programs and employees, and how to get help if rights are violated.
Lambda Legal For: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Provides information about legal rights for LGBTQIA people and their families on a national and state-by-state basis.
National Center for Transgender Equality For: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Provides information and multi-level resources about transgender people and the issues such as healthcare, homelessness and civil rights.
PFLAG For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides LGBTQ community and their loved ones with information, tools, resources, advocacy, education and support.
Transgender Law Center For: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Provides information about the legal rights of trans people on a wide variety of topics from housing to employment to immigration.
Trevor Project For: Adults & Teens | Website | Support and Informative | Provides LGBTQ youth with resources and crisis intervention services.
TrevorSpace For: Teens & Young Adults | Forum | Support | Connects LGBTQ youth to peer support and community through online forums, hosted by the Trevor Project. Must be 13-24, must provide email address to join.
DIY Doula For: Adults + Teens | PDF | Informative | Provides information for caring for one’s self before, during, and after an abortion.
Dougy Center For: All Ages | Website | Informative | Provides support in a safe place where children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving a death can share their experiences.
Modern Loss For: Teen & Adults | Forum | Support | Online grief support and forum
Moyer Foundation For: Adult & Kids | Website | Service | Provides comfort, hope and healing to children and families affected by grief, including Camp Erin for bereaved children and teens.
National Alliance for Grieving Children For: All Ages | Website | Informative | Provides information on supporting children through grief, including a national database of grief support programs, camps, and community resources.
The Compassionate Friends For: All Ages | Website | Informative | Provides support for bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents who have lost a child at any age from any cause. Offers local and virtual chapter meetings.
Wendt Center for Loss and Healing For: All Ages | Website | Support | Provides support and a sense of safety for people who have experienced loss, life-threatening illnesses, violence, or other trauma.
Connect2Affect For: Adults | Website | Directory/Search | Provides resources that meet the needs of those who are isolated or lonely, by building social connections in the form of social activities, volunteering, learning, wellness, etc. Resources regarding transportation, money, food, and more are also available. For: Teens | Website | Advocacy | Connects youth with volunteer opportunities and campaigns with a wide range of community-related topics.
Inspire For: Adults & Teens | Website | Forum | Anonymous online support groups that connects people who share similar hardships.
Kindness For: All ages | Interactive | Service | This website creates initiatives for small acts of kindness —for anyone, anywhere— to create a sense of purpose and community.
Made of Millions Adults & Teens | Forum | Advocacy & Support | Provides a community forum that provides support and advocacy for people who suffer from various mental health issues. The forums are organized by the following topics: School, family, work, faith, work, and policy.
Meetup For: Adults & Teens | Interactive | Support | Find and connect with local groups of people who share common interests.
Wisdo For: Adults & Teens | App | Support | Connects people with similar life experiences to share knowledge and wisdom.
APA Parenting Information For: Adults | Website | Informative | Offers resources for parents about common issues they might face when raising children.
Divorce Issues Handout For: Adults | PDF | Informative | Education on taking care of yourself physically and mentally after a divorce and separation.
GirlsHealth For: Teens | Girls & Women | Website | Informative | Teaches girls about health and well-being, relationships (including family), bullying, illness, and disabilities.
The Help Guide: Friendships For: Teens & Adults | Website | Information | Teaches the benefit of friendship, making new friends, strengthening current friendships, and being more social.
Love Is Respect For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Educates young people to prevent and end abusive relationships by offering support and resources.
National Runaway Safeline For: Teens & Kids | Website/Interactive | Service helps runaway and homeless youth to problem-solve and locate social services, such as shelter, food, medical care, or counseling. Includes hotline, textline, and forum.
Planned Parenthood For: Adults & Teens | Website | Service | Delivers reproductive health care, sex education, and information to women, men, and young people worldwide.
Scarleteen For: Teens | Website | Informative | Provides inclusive and comprehensive information for teens and young adults on sexuality, relationships and sex.
Self-Care After Divorce For: Adults | Website | Support | Offers self-care help for individuals going through a divorce and other resources for support.
Sex Addicts Anonymous For: Adults | Website | Support | Offers information on and help locating local meetings of this 12-step program for people trying to overcome sex addiction.
Stalking Resource Center For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides information, tools, and resources for individuals dealing with stalking and cyber stalking.
Surviving A Relationship Break-Up For: Adults & Teens | PDF | List top 20 strategies to cope with a relationship break-up.
Calm Harm For: Teens | App | Service | Timed activities to help resist or manage self-harm urges with ability to log completed activities and tracks progress.
Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery For: All Ages | PDF | Informative | Lists numerous distraction techniques and alternative coping skills for dealing with self-harm.
Help Guide on Cutting and Self-Harm For: All Ages | PDF | Informative | Provides information on cutting and self-harm, including identifying triggers, finding new coping techniques, and how to support a loved one who cuts or self-harms.
To Write Love on Her Arms For: All Ages | Website | Support | Finds help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicidal thoughts..
Substance Use  
Al-Anon For: Adults & Teens | Website | Service | Helps family and friends recover from the effects of someone else’s drinking through a 12-step program including regular attendance at group meetings.
Alcoholics Anonymous For: Adults | Website | Service | Recovery from alcohol addiction through a 12-step program including regular attendance at group meetings.
The Cool Spot For: Teens | Interactive | Informative | Offers information about alcohol and peer pressure, as well as educational games on the physical and cognitive effects of alcohol on adolescents.
In the Rooms For: Adults | Website | Immediate Support | Provides immediate assistance for people seeking help with substance abuse via chat and hotline, and provides online support communities (12-step and non 12-step) for those in recovery.
Just Think Twice For: Teens | Website | Informative | Provides facts about different drugs and drug abuse, addresses common myths, and includes advice and stories from teens about drugs.
Nar-Anon For: Adults | Website | Service | Helps family and friends of addicts recover from the effects of living with an addicted relative or friend.
Narcotics Anonymous For: Adults | Website | Service | Recovery from drug addiction through a 12-step program including regular attendance at group meetings.
National Institute for Drug Abuse – Teens For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides drug education for teens, parents and educators, as well as information about what to do if you or someone you know has a problem with drugs.
Online Intergroup: Alcoholics Anonymous For: All Ages | Website | Support | Provides support through online groups and carries the message of recovery.
Partnership for Drug Free Kids For: Adults | Website | Support | For families struggling with a child’s substance abuse.
SAMHSA Treatment Locator For: Teens & Adults | Directory | Website | Provides a directory for locating Behavioral Health Treatment Services for Mental Illness and Substance Abuse.
SMART Recovery For: Adults | Website | Service | A substance use self-help program using cognitive behavioral approaches to recover from addictive behaviors.
Start Your Recovery For: Adults | Website | Support | Offers Information about the signs, symptoms, conditions, and treatment options for people who are dealing with substance use issues, as well as resources for others who know someone struggling with addiction.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) For: Adults & Teens | Website | Directory/Search | Provides information and support aimed to reduce the impact of substance abuse. Now has a self esteem guide.
WeRecover For: All Ages | Interactive | Service | Provides a search for local addiction resources with options for those without insurance.
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention For: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Provides resources for suicide prevention, grief support and education for individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts/feelings.
Facebook: Reporting Suicidal Content For: All Ages | Website | Service | The “Report Suicidal Content” page on Facebook for third-party texters.
Jed Foundation For: Teens | Website | Purpose: Informative | Empowers teens and young adults with the skills and support to grow into healthy adults
Know the Signs For: All Ages | Website | Support/Informative | Offers an interactive tool for third parties to help recognize the signs of suicidal ideation and helpful phrases for talking to someone about suicide.
Military Help Line For: Adults | Website | Service | Dial (888) 457-4838 or text MIL1 to 839863 to receive 24/7 confidential crisis intervention focused on military-specific issues.
My 3 App For: Adults & Teens | App | Support | Helps create a safety plan for those experiencing suicidal thoughts, including who to contact.
Now Matters Now All ages l Website l Informative l An online resource that provides support for coping with suicidal thoughts through teaching skills based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Includes videos of personal stories.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline For: All Ages | Website and Hotline | Service | Toll-free 24/7 confidential suicide prevention and crisis hotline.
SAVE For: All Ages | Website | Informative & Advocacy | Provides support groups for suicide loss survivors, as well as resources about suicide and finding help for yourself or others.
Suicide Loss Survivors – Suicidology For: All Ages | Website | Informative| Provides free, online resources for suicide loss or attempt survivors, as well as those looking to help a survivor of suicide.
The Buddy Project For: Adults & Teens | Website | Support | Aims to prevent suicide and provide self-harm alternatives by pairing people through social media as buddies and raising awareness for mental health.
100 Positive Affirmations Adults & Teens | PDF | Support | Offers 100 positive affirmations on a website for motivation to get through difficult situations.
18percent All Ages | Forum | Support Offers a Slack community for those struggling with a wide range of mental health issues to find peer support.
211 For: Adults & Teens | Directory | Service | Connects users with local resources and assistance. Text zip code to 898211.
54321 Grounding Technique For: All Ages | PDF | Coping Skill | Five step grounding exercise.
Active Minds For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Empowers college students to speak out about mental illness and encourages them to ask for help.
American Association of Poison Control Centers For: All Ages | Website and Hotline| Service | Provides 24/7 confidential and expert medical advice for poisoning information and helps reduce costly hospital visits through in-home treatment.
American Cancer Society For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides support for those struggling with cancer, or with a family member diagnosed with cancer via research, treatment, and referrals.
American Chronic Pain Association For: Adults | Website | Informative & Support | Offers peer support and education on pain management skills for people with chronic pain, their family and friends, and health care professionals. Also provides info on finding clinical trials.
Aunt Bertha For: All Ages | Directory | Service | Connects users to free and reduced cost local resources such as medical care, food, housing, transportation and much more.
Be There For: Adults & Teens | Website | Support | Offers a wide range of community resources and peer to peer support (phone and text) that serves all of Department of Defense; Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve personnel and their direct family members. Children below the age of 18 can call but a parent must be present and consent to the conversation.
Breathing Gif For: All Ages | GIF | Coping Skill | Breathing exercise visual aid for anxiety or panic attacks.
Building Self-Esteem booklet For: All Ages | PDF | Support | Teaches self-esteem-building exercises, coping skills, and provides basic information about related issues like depression.
CareerOneStop For: Adults & Teens | Directory Search | Informative | Provides resources and guides for career exploration, training, as well as jobs available sorted by location and job type.
Centre for Clinical Interventions For: Teens & Adults | Website | Interactive | Offers a workbook, worksheets, and info sheets on improving self esteem. Also provides a range of information sheets about psychological disorders for one’s self and others.
Child Care Aware For: Adults | Website | Informative | Service | Connects families to local child care, including resources for financial assistance, health and social services with respect to child care
Child Mind For: Adults | Website | Informative | Offers information about children’s mental health issues for parents and educators, including a symptom checker for a wide range of disorders and info for military families.
Coping With Debt For: Adults | PDF | Informative | Provides information on how to manage debt via self-help, debt relief services, debt consolidation, or bankruptcy.
Debtors Anonymous For: Adults | Website | Service | Offers information and meetings for those struggling with debt, based on the 12-step programs.
Feeding America For: All Ages | Directory/Search | Offers a zip-code based directory of food banks in the US for people in need.
Give an Hour For: All Ages | Directory/Search | Informative | Connects military members and their families with resources including free mental health services donated by private practitioners.
Habitica For: All Ages | App | Interactive | Provides a free habit-building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. With in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you to complete tasks in your life. For: Adults | Website | Affordable Healthcare | Provides services relating to obtaining health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.
Hearing Voices Network For: Adults | Website | Support | Helps to find local support groups for those hearing voices.
Help With Bills For: Adults | Website | Informative | Provides information about government programs that help with bill payment and temporary assistance.
HUD Housing and Homeless Assistance For: All Ages | Directory/Search | Informative | Directory for locating national homeless assistance through the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. 24/7 hotline also available specifically for homeless veterans.
Inspire For: Adults & Teens | Website | Forum | Anonymous online support groups that connects people who share similar hardships.
LawHelp For: Adults | Website | Informative | Provides referrals to local legal aid and public interest law offices, basic information about legal rights, court forms, court information and more in your state.
Khan Academy For: All ages | Website | Service | Provides free education on math, science, programming, animation, etc. Backed by: NASA, MIT, and Modern Museum of Art with free academic content.
MHA: Find Help for Someone Else For: All Ages | Website | Support | Offers options, info, and resources for someone looking to support a third party who is in crisis now or dealing with long-term issues.
mRelief For: Adults | Website | Service | Facilitates a fast and simplified process for qualifying for food stamps.
My Study Life For: Teens & Adults | Interactive | App | Provides students with access to a free planner for school and allows them to gain organizational and time management skills.
NAMI: Getting Treatment During a Crisis For: All Ages | Website | Informative | Explains how different mental health crisis response services work to help discover and choose which option is best for a person’s current crisis.
National Association of the Deaf For: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Preserve, protect, and promote the rights of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
National Federation of the Blind For: All Ages | Advocacy | Website Advocacy organization with information for blind or low-vision people and their families and friends.
NEFE Financial Workshop Kits For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides resources on financial literacy to help with financial decision-making.
Objective Zero For: Adults | App | Advocacy Service Support | Connects veterans, service members, their families, and caregivers to peer support via voice, video, and text. Also provides free access to wellness resources such as yoga and meditation.
Open Counseling For: All Ages | Directory | Affordable Health Care | Provides a searchable directory for anyone who is in need of local affordable counseling.
Pornography Addicts Anonymous For: Adults | Forum | Support | Provides an anonymous, virtual 12-step program for those seeking recovery from an addiction to pornography.
Prism Bills & Money For: Adults & Teens | App | Service | Manages information about personal bills and paycheck schedules to help keep track of personal expenses and assist with budgeting and financial planning.
Rise Above the Disorder For: Adults & Teens | Website | Support | Connects users with resources for finding a therapist, answering mental health questions, and applying for grants to cover the cost of therapy.
Schizophrenia App For: All Ages | APP | Support | App to better manage and monitor schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.
Sleep Hygiene Tips For All Ages | PDF | Informative | Offers a one page PDF that gives tips for healthy sleeping habits.
Stopping Stupid Thoughts For All Ages | PDF | Interactive | Offers an activity for coping with and conquering negative thoughts.
SuperBetter App For: All Ages | App | Coping Skill | Interactive games to help people recover from various conditions while offering self-care ideas.
TeenTribe Wellness Community For: Teens | Website | Support | Online peer support group for teens facing mental health challenges and/or difficult family dynamics.
Text4Baby For: Adults & Teens | App | Informative | Provides tips, resources, and free text messages for pregnant women and new mothers, available for both iOS and Android.
Wounded Warrior Project For: Adults | Website | Service | Provides support and various programs for veterans, including mental and physical health, VA benefits, and personal independence.
U.S. Dept. of Justice: Effective Communication (ADA) For : All Ages | PDF | Informative | Addresses the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and explains effective communication in regards to this Act.
You Feel Like Shit For: All Ages | Interactive | Support | Self-help web guide for people struggling with self care.
Youper For: Adults & Teens | Website | Forum | Helps users with mood tracking and coping skills for a range of emotional problems in an interactive format with a chat bot. App for iOS and Android.