Client Experiences

Here are a few things people have said about our experience working together. 

“I cannot remember a time when I have not experienced anxiety…I had an emotionally remote father and anxious mother, so it probably started in the womb. I was a highly anxious child who experienced migraines and panic attacks when I started school, as we were frequently caned and verbally humiliated by our teachers for issues as minor as spelling mistakes. In my adult life, I have done several long-term evidence-informed meditation classes and immersion courses. The anxiety has become less intense and of shorter duration with those, but I am very easily triggered by the trauma stories of others and our own “first world” problems. I am still medicated with Zoloft and use medication to sleep about 1/3 of the time. The physical release work you are leading us through has provided periods of relief. I feel like I am on the cusp of taking a big step to accept and release the anxiety rather than try and manage, suppress and control it. It takes me a few repeats of the recordings to recognize the sensations you are talking about but I eventually find my way there. I feel this work is the perfect way forward for me at this point in time.”

– Alexis M / Life Coach

“I never in a million years imagined that your kind of help – wise to humanness, wise to universal love, wise to the process of deep transformation – could exist. And I never in a million years imagined that what I am discovering – that I have a place of spiritual refuge in my body, that I am made of the love that is the universe – could in fact be true! All of this exceeds every conscious expectation I have ever had. At the same time, the joy I have always carried in me knows all of this to be true; that joy already lives in my core, and it is waving me home.”

– Sherry M / PhD

Michael is a gift! As a retired psychologist, having specialized in trauma for over 40 years, and now running a meditation community of over 1100 people from all over the world, I am delighted to have Michael as my go-to Realization Process referral. He is extraordinarily accomplished in breadth and depth, not only in trauma-informed meditation coaching, but also in a wide range of psycho-spiritual issues. Add to that his brilliance and intuitive abilities in working with people on the path to realization (awakening), Michael has a knowledge base that is internal as well as external. Michael is clear-sighted and insightful, with a combination of talent and skill few healing arts practitioners possess in my experience. In my professional opinion, I highly recommend him without any reservations whatsoever. I’m happy to provide a personal reference to anyone at any time.

– Patti Levin / LICSW, PsyD

Michael has immense knowledge of Spiritual teachings and techniques and deep experiential understanding of them. With that being said, every session was an adventure: exploring layers of Self, starting with gross physical sensations, parsing through sensations of energy and lastly, emerging into transmutation point of stillness and movement in fundamental field of Consciousness. What a Journey!

Michael’s ease and openness to co-create in the process with every participant is a rare gift. It led to shifting and changing direction of exploration, constantly adapting to what was in the moment. This flow kept naturally unfolding lessons and gifts that were there for participants to discover. It was truly magical. This exploration into the nature of Consciousness was making subtle experiences more and more real, leaving less and less space for abstract understanding; and created abundant opportunities for embodiment of various fragments of Knowing.

In many classes with Michael, the depth of experiences was such that there were no words to be found to describe it.

– Lucy Goldstein / Shiatsu Practitioner

My life has been completely transformed after six months of working with Michael, both in private sessions and group meditation classes. He combines numerous nondual inquiry, somatic and energy-based meditation techniques, and this combination has allowed me to make much faster progress than I would have made using only a single approach. I feel very lucky to be working with him, and I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone seeking help along their spiritual or emotional path.

– Andrea Lemon / Buddhist Meditation Teacher

My sessions with Michael were an extremely valuable tool for me. Michael is very knowledgeable; he is a highly intuitive and compassionate teacher and healer. He helped me dive much deeper into subtler layers of energetic holdings and conditioning, to become more aware of those layers, and to release and integrate them.

I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with him, and wholeheartedly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a more integrated, inclusive and embodied human experience.

– Alex Vedechkine

Michael has a way of gently guiding me into a connection with that awake stillness, with ease and grace. His pointers are inviting, warm, and non-threatening, allowing awareness into deeper and subtler contact with the energies of the body. Each time I’ve worked with Michael, I always walk away with a slightly new angle. His pointers always seem fresh, giving me some subtly deeper connection with this living moment. Michael has a real ability to meet me right where I’m at with his practical and down-to-earth guidance. His sessions have truly been a gift to my life.

– Myles Heffernan

“I have done years of traditional therapy and body-based therapies, and working with the Realization Process in this way provided more healing than those therapies combined. I just started learning about the Realization Process when I enrolled in this book club, and the course exceeded all of my expectations. I was grateful that Michael offered many opportunities for questions, and welcomed discussions to clarify concepts; additionally the other students and their sharing enriched my experience.  Personally, I found deep healing through the guided meditations practiced in class.  The experiences from the meditations gave me another way of moving through life – being more centered and having a stable sense of myself.  I learned about the emotions that were held in my body and led to tension. The guided meditations allowed me to release these tensions that have been there since childhood, and this experience was deeply transformative.”

– Cassandra W

Working with Michael helped me identify a deeply held core belief that had been running my life. I am very grateful for this and the fact that I can now let go of this limiting belief.

– Susan M. / Financial Advisor

I felt like grew 10 years in 10 minutes. Our session and its outcome was nothing short of a miracle (because it saved a lot of time!). My wife said I looked taller when she saw me right after you and I had talked. Thank you! This has been invaluable!

– Armin R. / MBA

Upon my first consultation with Michael, I realized that I was dealing with a different kind of practitioner. I’ve worked professionally with numerous mental health providers during my career in social services, and I’ve approached mental health proactively throughout my life. I’ve met dozens of therapists and alternative healers over the years and I’ve never experienced a more graceful, relaxed, or thorough integration and resolution after sessions. I’m so impressed!

– Anna W / MA, Women & Gender Studies, and Meditation Teacher